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What is Foreclosure & Options?


With inflation at a all time high, Americans are dealing with the reality that everything from gas, food & goods are climbing in price. Many of us have been left with late mortgage payments and if you cant catch up quick enough you end up in pre-foreclosure. Only a auction date away from losing your home to auction. The stress of what to do, bills mounting up as you struggle with the thought of how to keep a roof over your families head. For many of us, whose credit has already taken a hit, getting into more debt especially at a higher interest rate, now that your late payments are being reported, getting a predatory loan is not a option. How do you stop this from happening? It can feel like a dark cloud over you. Then, if nothing is done your being forced out of your home, as the entire neighborhood watches all your items get thrown out. Now that your credit score has dropped significantly due to missed payments and your rental history blacklisted, your options feel VERY limited. YOU do not have to wait to get this deep into the hole. I am here to tell you great news! There are solutions out there like the Abundant Homeowners program. This program is like none other!

It all started when I found myself pregnant with my second baby & I just received the news I was now a widow, who lost the love of her life on my birthday. Our family construction business came crashing down. I have to admit there were days I would not know where me and my babies would sleep next. As I breastfeed my babies, I remember feeling scared someone would discover us cramped in my beat up SUV we called the mobile efficiency & joked to keep from crying, how unstoppable I was doing food deliveries across the city with a broken steering wheel. We would snuggle up like penguins during winters freeze warning temperatures. The traditional route of having decent credit, down payment and hoping to get approved so the application fee money was not wasted, in another denial. As a single mother, with 2 babies on my hip 24/7 to the point I would work with them by my side, as I struggled to find a reliable sitter. I would either have the money but couldn’t get approved credit wise & or I couldn’t show 6 months of stable income verification as I worked odd jobs that would allow me to take my babies with me. I found myself, paying overpriced for a little studio room at a hotel that would of been the equivalent to paying a lavish 2 bedroom apartment every month but instead I was avoiding shady people in the hallways and parking lot of motels, dealing with little privacy as the walls were paper thin & I even woke up to hearing people doing a drug deal by my hotel window once!

One night, as I found myself restless, worried where was a good spot to park, as the pricey hotel had ate up all my money. My son, Legacy wakes up…

“Mommy, I want to go home!” – Legacy

“Baby, I’m working on it… okay?” – Me

“Mommy, I want to go home!” Legacy cried out in frustration

I reached for his hand, with tears in my eyes, I wish we could go home. I wish we had a home. I am trying but getting nowhere, I thought as I tried to hold it together in front of him. I vowed I would find a breakthrough. SOMEHOW. SOMEWAY!

I often wondered, WHY I was going through all of this heartbreak but then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks! If I could help families not have to go through all this pain that I went through of sleeping here & there, moving from hotel room to motel room, humbly sleeping on peoples floors & feeling like a utter failure of a parent as I dealt with the reality that we didnt have our own home. I realized families were dealing with the same issues, I was dealing with. It broke my heart how other families didnt have a safe place to call home. Since the pandemic, it is no secret that homelessness is at a all time high & with record breaking inflation it will only get worse. So, I decided to do something about it!

The Abundant Homeowners program was born so families who are going through the same problems can get a fresh new start & not have to experience this alone!

This is how it works…

If you are a homeowner who is on the verge of losing your home due to missed mortgage payments, rise on taxes, death in the family, job loss or even if your choosing to down size then look no more…

  • We can get you current on your payments & takeover your mortgage and pay you $2,000 to $150,000++ so you use to get a fresh new start in life!
  • We may help cover moving costs, which includes boxing your items, moving them into the truck & even unloading them to a storage facility so your transition is much smoother & less stressful
  • We will call up your mortgage co. & ask them if they can remove late marks on your credit report since we are getting your loan current & even give you a proven FREE pdf templates to dispute negative items off your credit report as a back up so you can get your credit back on track, if not better than before! Credit agencies charge thousands of dollars for this information but we are giving you this at NO COST TO YOU!
  • We will even share with you secrets the rich don’t want US to know which is extremely valuable so you don’t end up in a similar situation in the future but instead get insight on how you can have your money working for you instead of you working for your money!
  • You get to help families who wouldn’t normally get approved for a home, the ole traditional route, avoid homelessness & make a real difference to a family in need of a chance.
  • You have the opportunity of being featured in our new web series – Metamorphsis! Share your story, get paid & together we can change the world, by helping a family at a time!
  • Get connected to a Relocation Expert to assist you in finding your next apartment, home -OR- use the money received to build your tiny home & live mortgage FREE! You can also choose to get 2 tiny homes built by our builders and rent the other one out for side income. The choice is all yours in what you do with your money. Just know YOU have options!

You do NOT have to walk away from your home broke, with damaged credit/rental history, homeless and struggling to find a new place on your own. I am here to help.

The Abundant Homeowners program will forever change the way real estate is done. It is a complete game changer!

Reyna Martinez

Momprenuer On the journey of building a Legacy of helping families avoid homelessness Together, we can end tyranny!

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